Most people dismiss the idea of buying a “pregnancy pillow”, after all, they have lots of pillows lying around. But using a pregnancy pillow is always a blissful experience compared to your regular bumpy bedtimes. The extra comfort, ability to ease back and body aches to ensure you get a good rest is unrivaled.

They are one of those items you don’t know you need until you use one. Here are 5 things to know before buying one.

1. They are incredibly versatile

versatile use of pregnancy pillows -
versatile eh?

Pregnancy pillows are more than your regular pillow. They can do so much more to make you sleep a lot better by morphing and adjusting into several forms and contours to match your bumpy body frame. Whether you are a side sleeper, back sleeper, propped-up sleeper, belly sleeper (at least before the bump becomes obvious), there’s a pillow for you. You can’t go wrong with full-body pillows. Or still get something smaller in C-shaped, U-shaped, or G-shaped pillows. And pack a Wedge-shaped pregnancy pillow for your next camp trip (Yes, you should totally try camping during your pregnancy!).

You can adjust the pillows to support your tummy, ease your back pain, get a good angle for spooning (mhmm), prop-up your baby while breastfeeding, etc. They just work.

2. Pregnancy Pillows Actually Help To Relieve Back Pain

The larger your tummy grows, the more strain it puts on your lower back. For many pregnant women, especially first-timers, back pain is their second-worst symptom behind morning sickness and can take some joy out of regular daily activities.

After all the stress, you actually want to hit the bed, and not feel like you’re going to have a sleepless night because you clearly can’t find the right sleeping position. Enter pregnancy pillows. By matching and supporting your bumpy frame at several angles, these darlings make sure you sleep entirely pain-free. If you don’t want to lose that bet on who gets out of the bed first, don’t use a pregnancy pillow!

3. They’re still very useful after pregnancy

If you do a quick search on eBay, you’ll find so few people willing to sell their used pregnancy pillows. That’s probably because these darlings are keepers! Their usefulness outlasts your pregnancy period.

After delivery, you will discover that they’re amazingly comfortable for breastfeeding either lying down or propped-up in bed or using a breast pump. You can also enjoy the comfort of sleeping with them until your womb returns to normal size and the pregnancy bump is completely gone.

Women who were unfortunate to have an episiotomy during delivery also enjoy better comfort with full-body pillows tucked under one thigh while sleeping on the side.

4. They come in different shapes and sizes

Pregnancy pillows come in different shapes and sizes -
Full body U-shaped Pregnancy Pillow

Maternity pillows come in different shapes and sizes. There are full-body pillows that curve to tuck under your head and between your knees, half-sizes that run parallel your body – back or tummy, other pregnancy body pillows that have a dip to cradles your bump, and small wedge pillows that support your bump only.

You may be looking for large, medium, or small-sized body pillows, or you may be looking for a specific shape of body pillow. Just know that there are more than enough options to choose from.

5. It’s one of the top 5 products in most first-timers wishlist

Pregnancy is a big deal and we (everyone really) encourage expectant moms to be prepared for it. Before you get pregnant or during your pregnancy, certain items are must-haves while others are “maybes”. These must-have items are there to ensure that your pregnancy runs as smoothly as possible, and ends with the best possible outcome for you and your baby.

Several other items like pregnancy pillows are not necessarily must-haves but are highly recommended and make it to most pregnant women’s wishlists. Ask first-timers and they’ll tell you that these pillows are must-haves! 80% of our readers agreed that they include a pregnancy pillow in their wishlist during their first pregnancy!

Care to share your experience using a pregnancy pillow? Tell us in the comment section below.


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